How to Prepare for PTE Academic

3 key steps

1. Get familiar with the format and the question types

Scored practice tests

  • Take the free course "Introduction to PTE Academic" which provides video guidance from E2Language and basic practice can be worked through in less than an hour
PTE course


2. Build understanding and confidence to maximise your performance

Courses and resources

When you are ready to jump into full learning and practice, PTE Academic provides a range of official, trusted, high quality, digital resources that are bundled together to save you time and money, and prepare you effectively for your test;

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic is immediately available as an ebook, or as a textbook, and contains trusted, expert advice on how to maximise your performance with tips, strategies and a range of extra digital practice and learning resources
  • If you just want to focus on question practice, the PTE Academic Question Bank is an accessible digital application that contains 300 questions, sample answers and tips all built around the task types
  • For those in need of more support around the language and use of academic English, the PTE Academic English Booster is a great self-study practice application that contains hours of activities around different academic subjects to build confidence around the language, in addition to practice for the test

3. Check whether you are ready

Take the preparation pathwayFinally, we recommend all learners, whatever your time or budget, take a Scored Practice Test. The Scored Practice Tests are the very best indicators of your performance as they replicate the test format/timing, are aligned with the test scoring engine and provide you with a Score Report (normally on the same day).

Pearson offer Scored Practice Tests and the other resources mentioned above in cost-saving packages:

Get on the PTE Academic Preparation Pathway


Other resources

  • Score Guide – understand how each task is scored and how to compare your results to other English language tests.
  • Test Taker Handbook – discover important information about what you should know before you take the test including what to expect on test day including ID requirements.


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