PTE Test preparation

It’s time to prepare!

All test takers should prepare for PTE Academic, even if English is your first language.

Test takers who consider themselves to be fluent in English sometimes score less well in English tests than they could have, because lack of preparation affects their performance on the day.

Complete the preparation path to give yourself the best chance of performing well on the day!

Take the preparation pathway

Take the Preparation Pathway

Go through the preparation path.

The Preparation Pathway is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that takes you through each stage of the test. Taking your time to work through the course will mean you’re not surprised by any unexpected questions on test day, and you’ll know what’s coming next.

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Scored practice tests

Scored Practice Tests

Are you ready for the full test? 

Pearson's official online practice tests are the best practice you can get with fast results. The scored practice test is timed and scored just like the real PTE Academic test, so you get the best sense of how you will need to perform on test day.

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Courses and resources

Courses and resources

Find preparation courses and self study books. 

Get ready for PTE Academic with a range of preparation options. Download Pearson's Official Practice App and offline practice test, choose from a range of test preparation books, or find a course near you.

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Prepare online

Want to prepare online?

Take an online course.

All of Pearson's paid packages come with overview video lessons, method lessons, practice questions, sample answers, and access to live classes. 

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