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About Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in history and culture that has greatly influenced the world. More than just a sunny Mediterranean tourist destination, Portugal has become in recent years a great place to pursue quality higher education. University of Coimbra, Portugal's oldest university, dates from 1290, and is the 9th oldest university in the world.

With a diverse and developed economy, the most thriving sectors in Portugal are aerospace industry, biotechnology, automotive, financial services, tourism, and agriculture. Although Portuguese is the official language, you will encounter many people who speak good English, French or Spanish.

Portugal is a welcoming country, driven by innovative academics and research, inviting students worldwide to enrich their knowledge in its universities.

Iconic places to visit

Throughout Portugal, you can visit splendid cultural and natural sites, from numerous museums and cathedrals to wonderful beaches and mountains.

Here are some attractions worth seeing in Portugal:

  • Ponte Vasco da Gama
  • The Museu Calouste Gulbenkian
  • Lisbon Oceanarium - the second largest in the world
  • Porto Cathedral
  • The Roman Temple of Evora
  • Torre dos Clérigos (Clerics' Tower) in Porto
  • Azores and Madeira Island
  • Serra da Estrela Mountains
Fun facts
  • The Portuguese Empire was the first global empire in history.
  • Portugal is considered the oldest nation in Europe due to the fact that it has had the same borders since 1139.
  • Napoleon tried and failed three times to invade and conquer Portugal.
  • The oldest bookstore in the world is in Portugal’s esteemed capital, Lisbon, and it is still open today.
  • Portugal is the largest cork producer in the world.
  • Portuguese explorers pioneered maritime exploration; notable examples are Bartolomeu Dias' sailing beyond the Cape of Good Hope and Vasco da Gama's discovery of the sea route to India and of Brazil.

Frequently asked questions about PTE Academic in Portugal

How much does the PTE Academic exam cost in Portugal?

The PTE Academic test in Portugal is priced at USD 265. Please keep in mind that additional expenses such as transportation and accommodation may apply if you need to travel to a test center. Explore our article on PTE Academic costs and tips to save money on your PTE Academic test.

How can I apply for PTE Academic in Portugal?

Applying for PTE Academic in Portugal is straightforward; simply follow this link to the official PTE Academic registration website .

Is PTE Academic for UKVI available for individuals in Portugal?

For those comming from Portugal and planning to study or work in the United Kingdom, PTE Academic for UKVI is a requirement. The UK Home Office authorizes Secure English language exams (SELT), including PTE Academic UKVI.

Which test center in Portugal is ideal for taking the PTE Academic exam?

In Portugal , there is no such thing as a "best test center" for PTE Academic; all centers are equally reputable. PTE Academic is a standardized test conducted consistently across various locations. Therefore, the choice of test center won't impact the high-quality experience you receive. Visit test centers in Portugal directly to find the one that suits your convenience the most.

When are PTE Academic exams scheduled in Portugal?

PTE Academic exams in Portugal are available year-round. You can access a complete list of PTE Academic exam dates in Portugal on the official PTE Academic registration website .

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