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About Finland

Finland is a country situated in Northern Europe and joins Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway to make up the Nordic countries. Finland is an EU member country since 1995 and a parliamentary republic with the government located in the capital city of Helsinki. Finland is home to 5.54 million inhabitants. Most of the population is concentrated in the Southern parts of the country in the biggest cities such as Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku. Finland is ranked as one of the top 5 countries in the world with the highest standards of living and equality. The Finnish welfare state is commendable for its upkeep of all its residents’ well-being.

Finland is often referred to as the land of the midnight sun or the land of a thousand lakes, and our nature and seasonal traditions attract tourists from around the globe all year round. With varying temperatures throughout the year, Finland experiences all seasons in their own unique way. Winters are all about snow, ice skating, skiing and hot chocolate, whereas spring sees the force of life awaken in nature. Summers are for picnics with friends and enjoying sauna followed by a dip in a nearby lake, and autumn paints its myriad of colors on the turning leaves as you go mushroom hunting in the woods.

Frequently asked questions about PTE Academic in Finland

How much does the PTE Academic exam cost in Finland?

The PTE Academic test in Finland is priced at USD 280. Please keep in mind that additional expenses such as transportation and accommodation may apply if you need to travel to a test center. Explore our article on PTE Academic costs and tips to save money on your PTE Academic test.

How can I apply for PTE Academic in Finland?

Applying for PTE Academic in Finland is straightforward; simply follow this link to the official PTE Academic registration website .

Is PTE Academic for UKVI available for individuals in Finland?

For those comming from Finland and planning to study or work in the United Kingdom, PTE Academic for UKVI is a requirement. The UK Home Office authorizes Secure English language exams (SELT), including PTE Academic UKVI.

Which test center in Finland is ideal for taking the PTE Academic exam?

In Finland , there is no such thing as a "best test center" for PTE Academic; all centers are equally reputable. PTE Academic is a standardized test conducted consistently across various locations. Therefore, the choice of test center won't impact the high-quality experience you receive. Visit test centers in Finland directly to find the one that suits your convenience the most.

When are PTE Academic exams scheduled in Finland?

PTE Academic exams in Finland are available year-round. You can access a complete list of PTE Academic exam dates in Finland on the official PTE Academic registration website .

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